Visa Stamping experience in Mumbai

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I wanted to share my visa stamping experience in Mumbai. I was previously on L1-A visa. My client applied for H1-B (COS) and it got approved. From Oct 1 2019, I started working for my client (large US company). We had to travel to India in Nov-Dec for personal reasons. My wife & kids traveled in Nov & I traveled in December. We took separate dates for visa interview since we had lot of travel in India. My wife had her visa interview in last week of Nov & my visa interview was in 1st week of December. 


Wife Visa interview: (wife went for visa interview along with my kids. My kids are US citizens). Since she traveled with Infant, she did not have to wait in any queue

VO: Passport please

Wife: Gave her passport

VO: Passport of kids?

Wife: Told them that they are US citizens

VO: I am confused. This is fresh H4 stamping. How are your kids US citizens

Wife: Explained that we were previously on L1-A and got COS to H1

VO: Ok. Passport copy & visa stamped copy of H1-B holder

Wife: Explained to VO that H1-B is not yet stamped and that he will come for interview later. Also, she did not have my passport copy and told the same to VO. Handed over my I-797 document

VO: Ok. Thas fine. Visa approved.


My visa interview:

Me: Good morning office

VO: Passport & documents

Me: Handed over my passport & approved I-797

VO: What is your role for xyz

Me: Explained in 2 sentences. VO was checking something on his computer while I was speaking.

VO: Your visa is approved


Our experience was really good. If you go on your allocated time, then the wait is not long. For me, it took less than 45 mins since I stood in queue.

I had taken all documents (payslip for 1 year, employment letter, I-129, I-797, LCA, Tax documents etc).

Good luck to all. 





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