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I filed for N-400, and scheduled for the interview in March 2020.

I have tax returns available from the last 3-5 years.

Do I need to file for Tax Returns for the last year 2019 ( before March 2020) before the interview date? Or is it suffice if I have tax returns from all the previous years.

I have paid all taxes, and don't owe IRS anything so far. Usually I apply for extension for my tax return and dont file until May-June, as I have complex tax structure with my company, etc.

Can I attend the interview with last year's tax returns? or it needs to be filed for 2019 before 2020 March interview? Please advise.

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I would not like to file for 2019 taxes before March, as it is complicated and I would need to wait for few more months to gather all documentation( like my wife's college credit, and my business expenses, and stocks, etc.). It could take upto June for me to file it but have my interview scheduled in March?


Can I just attend the March 2020 interview with 2018 and previous years Tax returns?

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2 hours ago, pontevecchio said:


Please only take the documents requested in the Interview letter.

It never hurts to have more documents with you just in case

Very likely they won't ask for them, but if they do, it is nice to have them available right there. Being prepared is always a good thing.

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