h1b renewal in canada Dec 16th Interview (9:45am appointment)

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Travelled from  EWR to SEA almost 5-6hr flight 
SEA to YVR (overnight in SEA airport for YVR flight) 
Landed YVR 8:30am PST
Rented car (check priceline)reached Airbnb. Drive time 22mins to Consulate from Airbnb traffic is not horrible in YVR to drive. YVR you see lots and lots on asians like lots and lots of desis in EWR

Dec 16th Interview day (9:45am appointment)
Reached there 8:00am parked car right across parking ($20 total)walked to the consulate (raining)
They wont let you inside until your time , dont take phones/backpacks or any electronics (its on their website)

Security will get your appointment sheet ,passport and check your docs and make you stand in the line
if you got a smartwatch they will give you locker at the security(watches not mentioned on their website)

Next step follow the queue for security check 1st floor in consulate building just like airport check.

Next they will take your appointment sheet and passport stick a sticker with the confirmation barcode from the confirmation sheet(DS160), if you changed or modified your DS160 or submitted a new one please take the latest appointment page and mention during that time they wont ask you about it.

Next counter will take your finger prints 4 fingers and then the thumbs then the wait time to catch the elevator to 20th floor.

20th floor queue for the interview .

ME-GM hw r u

VO - PPT and I797 please 

VO-Which company
ME -told

VO-how long working for them

VO- Oh that company
ME- you lived in EWR?

VO-yeah long ago  are those places still available or closed
ME- they still exist and they are under construction or enhancement 

VO-You havent been out of country since you entered 10yrs
ME-Yes i did not get time with my work schedule and moreover my parents and her parents got visa to visit us so i did not feel the need to travel outside of US.Now have plans to take a cruise so if i need to return i need VISA. 

VO-Did they file GC
ME- yeah handed over i-140 copy

VO-Well it was nice chatting with you, im approving your visa collect it 3-4 business days
ME- like wise ..have a good day 

Rushed out picked my car and drove around YVR, in my case no LCA/I129/W2/paystubs asked .

Waiting for my ppt pick up did not see any update(Mon-Thur) only its says Admin processing. But Thru morning it says delivery EOD and at 11.00am  says delivered at pickup location so rushed to loc by 11.20 to pick up ppt.

next morning informed Airbnb host about leaving 1day early dropped car at YVR and flew back 

Basically lessons learnt --Be always honest /casual/confident , they are all professionals and they must have interviewed many folks daily all you need to have is the right paper work and be confident then you should be good.

all the best to everyone who have opted for Vancouver loc.

Note- Please share your experiences to everyone so it can help future folks who are attending visa interviews . This forum helped me a lot and reading thru all others experiences made me feel confident for the interview.

@Gopal Krishan thanx for all your help answering my questions ..

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