H4 to H1 Stamping


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Hi All

i have a question regarding the H1B or H4 stamping in India. A no-profit organization (University) is sponsoring/applying H1 for my wife to start in August 2011 and we are planning to visit India in June and get stamping. both of us don't have a valid Visa stamping in our passports (old visa stampings expired). if Her H1 case is approved before we go to India (premium Processing) should she apply for H1 stamping that is starting in August or H4 stamping because she is still on H4. how soon can a person on H1 enter US before his/her Job start time.

Any Help is appreciated


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1) does that mean she has to attend the H4 Visa stamping when we visit India in June and come to US on the H4 stamping even though her H1 visa is approved from August.

2) Can she start working from August without leaving and re-entering the US as COS status takes effect



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