urgent payroll and amendment issue


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I have H1 b approved for two years.

I work for client A,  at B location through vendor C and through employer D. From next month I will be working from home for same client A, in another location Z but through same employer D and same vendor C. 

My employer said he will file LCA mentioning both the locations, which is my client location and my home location. Both locations are in different states.

Payroll he said he will run on the basis of client location, not on my home location. Since my home location is not matching the wage rate. 

Will, there be any problem in amendment if he runs payroll like this and in case if the amendment is not approved, can I go and work in my client location with my previous h1 itself.

Can you guys please help me




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2 hours ago, rajkumar.t08 said:

they already filed it, said to me there won't be any problem. If I move to another employer and do my h1 will there be problem

You have to be paid the prevailing wage. No but or if. File a complaint with DOL on form WH4 if they don't pay the prevailing wage for your home location.

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16 hours ago, rajkumar.t08 said:

hi, can you let me know whats the minimum wage difference between texas and florida and how much is it

That depends on your role, wage level, and Metropolitan area, none of which you have told us anything about.

Discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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