Anyone has H1b Approved or pending with DUI in 2019 in Hyderabad


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This is about my case,

I have attended for H1b Visa at Hyd for first time after 5 yrs of H1b, had a dui on OCT 31st 2015 and case got closed in the month of feb2017 with completion of DUI classes, Comm service, victim panel, fines, driving under supervision cleared.

H1b Picked in 2014, came for h1b stamping in Nov 2019

Nov 4th - Visa Interview --  asked questions on employer, pay per annum and details about DUI incident.221g Issued asking for medical report from CMM. on 221G they mentioned that we need to certain email to book an appointment, but it is an old method and the new method to book an appointment is not updated on 221g form. New method is to open CMM website and book an appointment online (no emailing). 

Nov 12th -- Got appointment for Medical test from CMM (Yup, 1 week went into gutter). Suggestion: try to book appointment prior to your visa interview itself "a week before". so that you will get appointment in the same week of your visa interview. select DUI as option and make sure you select that you have 221g, you just need that 221g doc on the day you go there which you will get it obviously when you go for visa interview.

Nov 14th --Medical report sent

CMM won't tell you explicitly on when they have sent your medical report to consulate. in my case i have dropped an email asking for confirmation whether report has been sent or not and i got to know that they have sent it on Nov 14th. Also make sure you understand the 221 case number on your 221g doc before you leave from Visa interview, mine was messed up coz of VO's writing.

Dec 2nd -- asked to submit passport 

CEAC website still had status as Under admin process.

Case Last Updated had Dec 9th and Dec 11th as the recent dates.

I am still waiting to get an update on visa, it is 4 weeks from the day medical report sent over to consulate and 5 week from the day Visa interview happened.


If anyone had any information on recent DUI h1b approval please provide some updates on time period took to get it done

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On 1/29/2020 at 4:49 PM, Ni18 said:

Same situation here, went for interview on Jan 28th 2020, VO asked me to get the medical evaluation, filled the online form for CMM on 28th itself, waiting for the appointment confirmation. Any update on your case?

i am in same boat, can you please update on your experience

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