Can I apply for visitor visa while H4 is still in process ?


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I applied for a COS in Sep 2019 from H1 to H4 and my H4 visa is still in process. My parents existing visitor visa expiring in June 2020 and we are planning to bring my parents to US in May 2020.

In this situation can I apply for visitor visa for my parents with my Husband's H1 visa while my H4 is in process? or we need to wait until my H4 gets approved?

Thanks in Advance!!

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When my parents got their initial B2 visa, I sent my masters graduation invitation letter, supporting financial documents (W2's, Paystubs, bank statements) and I paid for their flight expenses.

For the visa extension they are not in a situation to show financial documents to support their trip and other expenses. So, not sure how to proceed with my current visa situation.

Please Advise!!

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