advice on greencard/citizenship and final rule on public charge for obamacare


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I had a question i was hoping to get help on. I had done my greencard appx 2.5 years ago (through murthy's firm). Since then I have been using private health insurance through obamacare exchanges ( 
I have NOT been using any subsidies though. I use the exchange to buy an insurance from a legit insurer, but NOT take any subsidies or tax credit.

With the new final rule on public charge, i was wondering if going through the exchanges (even if i get no subsidies/credit) can be held against me, especially when i apply for citizenship, or even now after i have already got a greencard for appx 3 years.

Should i got a private insurer directly or am i still good going through the exchanges (since i get NO subsidies or tax credit)

I really appreciate any advice.


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1. The new public charge inadmissibility rule is not currently in effect as it has been blocked by a nationwide injunction

2. Neither Obamacare nor any subsidies or tax credits are considered under the new public charge inadmissibility rule

3. Inadmissibility is not relevant in naturalization, and green card holders are not affected by inadmissibility rules, unless they leave the US for more than 180 days at a time or engage in illegal activity while abroad

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