Mom’s green card in process: additional evidence needed

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Hello I am a naturalized US citizen and sponsored my widowed mother for a green card in sept 2018 after consulting with your attorneys twice.

At her green card interview in Baltimore it was pointed out there was an issue with my birth certificate which did not have my name on it (quite common in India at the time). I did submit in addition my canceled Indian passport which lists both my parents, but this isn’t enough. To prove the parent child relationship, Including before I turned 18,  we’ve been asked to submit

—Early school, religious, medical, government or other records (what we have either does not list parents’ names or does not list the mother’s name, only the father. So this doesn’t help)

—Early photographs (we have a few of me with my mother at a young age which we could send)

—two or more affidavits that can attest to the mother-child  relationship from the time of birth 

We can do the affidavits, would you have sample language that we could use? Assume they have to be notarized? I have a choice of relatives currently  in India or those currently in the US who can provide these— is one vs the other location better for this purpose? 

Finally  we can provide some other pieces of proof showing the mother-child relationship, for example my wedding invitation, but I was over age 18. Is this still worth sending in to bolster the case? 
thanks for any advice 



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I am surprised that they did not offer you the possibility of DNA testing. In 2016/2017 I was offered this choice and DNA testing proved my mother and I were as said. 

It used to be an axiom that as a Citizen sponsoring your immediate family, you did not need a lawyer. No longer so. Of course, it is money.

In Trumplandia, there will be issues with anything and everything related to Immigration. Time may provide a solution.

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