H1b Visa Stamping Validation


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I am planning to visit India on Nov 28 2019 for a month till Jan 3 2019 , Since I havent been to India for the Last 3 Years . I have to go for my  Stamping as well so I have scheduled my stamping date on Dec 9.

Here is my Situation :

On Jun 2016 I moved from Company A to Company B and I had Company A Visa Stamped till March 2017 Since I had Visa I travelled to India on Oct 2016 for 2 weeks which is from Oct 22 2016 to Nov 5 2016  . I travelled with my Old company A visa eventhough I was working for Company B but My company A issued a Cancellation of my H1b to USCIS on Oct 6 2016 (Not sure when USCIS issued sent Reciept to cancel)

My question is : If I go to India for Stamping is there a possibity of my Visa getting Rejected because I travelled on a Different Visa . Please Advise 

P.S: Currently I am working on Company B 



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