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Recently I filed GC for my dad who was here on his B2 visitor visa, I filed 1-130 and I-485 at the same time but unfortunately I made a big mistake by attaching checks of a closed bank account. I realized my mistake a few weeks after I sent his application to the lockbox, during this time we received the receipts along with the finger printing notice, we tried calling USCIS customer service and explained them the situation but they said the application has been accepted and there is nothing for us to do at this time till they process the application reach out to you regarding a different mode of payment but they categorically said the application was not rejected and it wouldn't get this far if there was an issue.

Meanwhile, I tried sending a letter explaining what happened with valid checks and the receipts to the lock box hoping to correct the situation but the letter was sent back stating they cannot link my request to the original application. All I could do was wait for USCIS to contact me for the payment.

After a few weeks (2 Months) I finally received the rejection letter stating the checks were not honored and the application was rejected, my dad overstatyed his I94 by 10 days because we received the letter a few days after his I 94 expired, h did not want to pursue the green card so he decided to go back to India.

The question I have for you is, his B2 visa still valid for 8 more years, does this invalidate his visa and does have to apply again for a new B2 visa to visit US again or can he still travel on his current B2 visa, he has no plans to reapply for GC again.

Any help/guidance is much appreciated.


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