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Hi ALl,

i have i 797A with i94 with an employeer valid for another year.   but i was not working with them for more than 1 year now. 

1) Is it legal to again to work for them who i received i797A ?

2) using i797A to do transfer to another employer?

3) Does paystub is required for transfer?



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If you did not work for the company so it seems they did not run any payroll for you. AS per law if you do not work for the company then company must inform USCIS and regt H1B revoked.

Other case, lets say your company might say you were on very long leave which will certainly bite you in future.

You are not providing enough information. Help others so that they can help you.

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Thanks JoeF & GK. 

I have visa with company A with valid i94 till Nov 2018 but i transferred my visa to company B on Jan 2018 and worked for their end client for 3 months.  Due to reorg end client side my position was closed on Apr 2018.  So I have requested both company A & B to look for new end client job.   Company A found me job so from then am working with company A again.   

Company A , able to find me consequently 3 projects.   I got i797B (without i94)  for one of project USICS amendment & extension request.  Before i797B approval decision  i  joined another project & i got RFE and company A replied RFE & it is pending with USICS.

what are my options now?

Is it okay transfer visa using company B valid i797A with i94  to new company (company C) .  


Hope it is clear now . 🙂





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