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I am a citizen by naturalization and live in Bay area. I want to apply for my mom's greencard. Need some advice. 

My mom has been visiting me and my sibling regularly since 2012 (tourist visa expires 2022). We applied for 1 extension in 2017 (stayed total 9 months) and this year she stayed with us for 6months and back in US after 2 months to stay for 3 more months. I got a call from immigration that she has been staying too long and she has to leave US on Jan10th (originally planned) and cannot come back for another year (immigration noted "limited" on her password).

Her stays so far -

2012 - 5 months

2014: 2 months

2015-2016: 6 months

2017: 9 months

2019: 6 months and now another 3 months

Should I apply for a green card for my mom now? How long does the processing take? I don't think she can leave the country before the decision is made? But given Immigration needed her to leave on Jan 10th, what are the options? Or is it better I apply for her greencard after she goes back to India on Jan 10th.

Thank you!

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