Travel to India on F1 visa on CPT


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Hi All, 

I completed my MBA and now enrolled in Executive PhD program at University of the Cumberlands. I am also enrolled in CPT (working in similar field as my PhD program) I have heard students get issues at the port of entry some times. My question is- Is it safe for me to travel to India in this situation? My Student visa expires June 2020. I am planning to travel in November (That way I will be back in the country six months before visa expires to avoid issues). 


Need advise. Thank you in advance.

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I got F1 visa in July 2015 for Dallas Baptist University. I know Cumberlands is not one of the best schools and degree might not be helpful in my career. but my question is regarding travel. Given this situation, can there be any issues? has anyone experienced? 


Also, I am working as an intern only. The program I am enrolled in allows me to work on CPT. It is not a regular PhD but Executive PhD. 


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There is no such thing as an "Executive PhD."  That is fraud, plain and simple.

That fake university is taking your money and screwing you over.

Your only option is to get out of there ASAP (and of course stop working on the fraud CPT.)

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