H1B Visa Stamping

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Below is my situation. I got my H1B in 2007 with Company A (Full time- fortune 500 company) and working in the company for 13 years and during which i had multiple visa extensions and stampings without any issues. Couple of my last stampings happened through drop box and i didnt have to go to the consulate. In 2018 i had to change job from Company A to company B (also a full time job in a small company). Then I was in company B for 8 months and then switch back to company A but a different business unit so parent company remained the same but business unit is different so in my I797 a different name is shown as compared to to I797's which i had earlier from 2007-2018. Now i have to travel to India in November/December so i have to get my visa stamped. I looked up and it looks like i will still have to go to drop box. Could someone advise does changing multiple jobs in an year would cause any issue with the stamping?

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