First H1 Stamping - Barbados US Consulate Experience


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Hi Guys,

I wanted to write my experience as I had a hard time finding answers to my questions for H1 Stamping in Barbados . My profile, I came to the US on F1 Visa and worked for 1 year on OPT after graduation. I got laid off in April 2018 and had to enroll in another University to maintain status. I joined X company on CPT in October 2018 and they filed for my H1 in premium processing in 2019. I received an RFE asking me for the documents related to status.I promptly replied with the documents as well as parking tickets and receipt for books. USCIS sent a notice that my visa is approved but COS is ineligible.

My company immigration team suggested to travel to India or Barbados for stamping. Barbados has visa on arrival for Indian Citizens. You cant go to Mexico for first time stamping. India had a wait time of 52 days so I chose Barbados. The risk was that if the process gets delayed, I will be stuck in Barbados.

I took the risk and decided to go to Barbados for H1 Stamping. Here is the journey so far.

Landed Day 1 - Enjoyed beach and sunshine. Great Food and People.

Day 2 - Day of Appointment - Visited Embassy in the morning at 8 am. Waited for 15 mins before escorted by the person inside embassy. It took us 5-10 mins for the security check. You can carry your phone. They just ask you to turn it off before your go inside and they give you a locker to keep your bags and phones. They check your passport and photos and DS 160 receipt at the gate.Then you would be escorted to the waiting area and then to the finger printing counters. The lady (not consular officer) at the counter asked for passport and photos and my I797.

She gave us a number and asked us to wait in the line. There were 3 windows and all the consular officers questions to the candidates were clearly audible to everyone! Anyway, our number came and we saw a lady officer. She asked me about the company and what do I do there. I mumbled something as I was nervous. The next question was 'you were in US for school'? I said yes and added that I graduted. To which the lady said 'I assume so'! She was typing all this time without looking at us. Those 2-3 minutes lasted forever.

Anyway then i heard the golden words that your visa is approved and you can collect it from the DHL centre near the airport in 3-5 business days.

Wish everyone all the best for their stamping.


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