New H1-B Filing while on RFE


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I lost my job in Company A (full time) in May 2019 due to lay offs and joined  company B (contract position) in Jun 2019 on H1-B receipt notice. However, I received an RFE and I'm working with my employer to respond the RFE which is due on Oct 1st. I got a new job offer from Company C (contract position) and they would like to file a new H1B. I have the following question.

1. Do I need to respond to the RFE or can I just ignore it if my new H1 is filed?

2. If RFE is responded and denied by USCIS, does it have any impact on new H1-B filed by company C?

Any help or suggestions in this is highly appreciated.



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Assuming your grace period from employer A and i94 has expired , you cannot simply transfer to C now. All H1b petitions are in theory independent . Company C can file a petition on your behalf but they will not be able to "transfer" your H1b from employer B as B's petition is not approved. So if you want to stay in US and change your employer to C from B, you must respond to RFE and hope it gets approved. 

Otherwise C can file a petition with consular notification (without i94 extension or "transfer") and you can leave and come back on a valid visa.

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