Letting my H1B lapse and working on EAD linked to ongoing family GC application

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I would really appreciate if I could get your inputs on my following questions -

My situation
Currently I am on my first H1B (valid till August 2020), working for my sponsoring employer.
My wife is on L1A, and I am a co-applicant on her Green Card application from her employer.
We filed our GC application in June, 2017, and had our interview in Jan, 2019 this year. However due to the retrogration of past applications currently in force, we have not received our Green cards yet.
Both of us have received I-765 EAD cards (which we have renewed this year) valid for the next 2 years. However the EAD cards do not include the advance parole, so it is mentioned "Not Valid for Reentry to the US" on the card.

I have two questions -
1. I am leaving my current job on 30th September. My next employer would not be sponsoring or transferring my H1B visa, so can I let my H1B lapse, and work on my EAD card (valid for the next 2 years) ?

2. My last day at my current employer is 30th September, can I travel to India for a short trip from 26th to 30th October (these dates are within a month of my quitting my H1B employer) and re-enter without any issues ? Or would it not be advisable to go and re-enter given that my H1B job is over, and I would subsequently work on my EAD card ?
I am in the process of applying separately for an Advance Parole document as well, but I am doubtful if I will able to get one before 26th October.

Thank you so much.

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