attaching additional documents after petition received by field office in US

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Hi.... H1b transfer petition was received a few months ago by one of the field offices in the US. It is under processing and has been a few months.

Would it be possible to throw in a few more documents for them to evaluate, while the visa is being processed? It is just to avoid the running around, with them coming back, me going back again, a few more months of this could be avoided.

Please... advice.

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Quite probably it will not work. Why not get your employer to pay for premium processing upgrade ?

The golden right hand thumb rule is to not to send useless info to immigration agencies without them requesting . You may ask why it is useless ? I would say because nobody asked you to send it. It is a futile attempt unless you missed to send it in the first place. If that's the case, sending new evidence now will probably not help anyway. A new petition would make more sense or wait for them to send you a RFE.

IMHO , you should get your petition upgraded to premium.

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