Question about I-131 Approval Notice

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My I-765/I-131 (I-485 pending ) renewal was approved recently and today I received two I-797's in the mail.

1) The First I-797 is only for I-131. It contains the usual details about my name, A#, received date, notice date and validity dates. It does not contain the class (c 09P). It has the following paragraph (with the first line in bold):

We have approved your application for Advance Parole Document and notified the consulate or overseas USCIS office listed above of the approval. You should contact the consulate or the overseas USCIS office, and when instructed, submit the photographs you were instructed to take as part of the application process. The office will then issue the Advance Parole Document, which will show the validity dates and any travel condition.

2) The second I-797 is the one I have received in my previous renewals. It contains the usual information about my name, A#, received date, notice date, validity dates. It also contains the class (c 09P) and says that the application of employment authorization and advance parole has been approved and the card is on the way and information about AC21 etc.

In the I-131 form for renewal, I had never listed any consulate. There is also no overseas USCIS office listed above of the first I-797 approval either. In all my previous four renewals, I have never received a I-797 that contained a paragraph as described in the first I-797. Is this a problem? If so, should I call USCIS or take an InfoPass appointment?

Thank you

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