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I am on h1b Visa and currently working for employer A and have 2 offers from employers B and C. C offered after B. Now both have applied for my H1b Transfer in premium. For B I have got a RFE for which documentation is in progress and for C , still waiting for receipt. My plan was to stick with A until one of them is approved and join accordingly.  But due to budget issues my project with A is ending next week and they are asking me to go to India which I cant. Here are my questions:

1. Can I join employer b on receipt while employer C processes my application since I need to have a job as I cant go to India.

2. Do I need to inform employer C that am leaving employer A and joining B and will join them upon approval.I want to avoid telling C regarding the situation as it will cause confusion.

3. If I get a rfe with C , which I am expecting, and at that time I have started working for B and not with A anymore and I need to provide latest paystub or anything, can I provide B paystub, if it is available.  And do I need to inform C that time- will there be any complications.

4. My interest is joining C but I want to join them only upon approval,  so for my situation what's the best way to handle it?


Appreciate quick response.  Thanks..

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