Question about H1B status validity


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Here is the background of my situation. I need some advice.

I was working for a company A on H1b visa and got fired from my job. Company A mentioned that they would cancel my H1B. Before 60 days grace period got over, I joined company B as an employee and my client is company C. Company B applied for my H1b through the regular process (Not premium) and I started working for them based on the receipt received from USCIS. I am still waiting for the approval from USCIS.
Now, my client Company C wants to hire me as a direct full time employee. They are planning to file H1b through premium processing.

Here are my questions.

1. If my H1b application from Company C gets rejected while my H1b from Company B is still in progress, what will happen to my H1b status ? Will it be still valid ?

2. If my H1B application from Company B gets rejected while my H1b from Company C is in progress, what will be my H1b status ?


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This are just my personal opinions. I am not an immigration lawyer.

First of all, A will get H1B revoked so by that time if you do not get response from B or C you will not have any H1B so you cannot work.

1) You can stay in USA for sometime without working but not for long. In that case if C is rejected B must get approved. If A gets its revoked you will not have any H1B beside waiting for B approval.

2) Same like 1. Since C is doing in premium processing you will get any type of result soon.

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