Questions on OPT and GC-EAD


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I hope you are doing well. 
I have few questions on my current STEM - OPT EAD and GC-EAD.
Last week only I have received my GC-EAD Card based on my marriage to US Citizen and current I also have STEM OPT is valid till 2021. 
So, can I use both the card as a work authorization. As I want to keep using my STEM OPT with my current employer as if i use my GC-EAD then I will not follow the rule of F1 and my F1 will got terminated and I don't want to do that. I want to continue work on my STEM OPT till I have Green Card on my hand. So, this way I want to keep my F1 status active. 
Also, I am planning to start some part time job as well which is not related to my field of study so, can I use my GC-EAD as a work authorization there.
Here, I am using both the work authorization OPT for my field of study and GC-EAD for non-technical work on part time basis. 
Awaiting your response !!! 
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