Abandoned wife trying to get F1 visa approved

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been abandoned by my husband in January 2017 in India. My husband left to USA in January 2017 and never came back. My H4 visa expired on November 2017. I have applied for Universities in USA for my Masters in Computer Science for Spring 2020. After So many years I got a chance to study and start my life. I have received admits from universities for my Masters in Computer Science for Spring 2020 and also received my I -20 from the Universities. But in DS-160 form I need to mention my spouse name because I am still in married status and also I have to fill my previous travel information to USA. Now my H4 visa is expired. I do not have my husband's  recent Visa page or recent bank statements. I have only his employment letter from 2015 of his employer. I have heard that my husband is working as Development Executive and his I-140 is approved in April 2017 in his green card process when I contacted Embassy. My husband is working in USA from 2013. My husband is not in contact with me from 2017.  What should I answer the VO in F1 visa interview about my husband?  I do not have any of his documents and address. Will they encourage and approve my F1 visa? After so many years I got hope in my life for education. Please kindly help me!

Thanks And Regards,



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If your husband has abandoned you ,then you should file for divorce. Would one believe you or a document that says divorce filing is in process ? Until you are divorced or have the process going, it may be difficult to get F1 visa. He being in US on H1b with 140 approved makes things worse for you.

On the topic of DS-160 and any follow up questions by consulate, you only tell them what is true. Doesn't matter however weird or ugly the truth is. Anything else will cause serious problems for your study plans in US.  


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Thank you sir. My husband is not ready to come to India and sort out the case. The case is going on for years. I am sad that I am not able to go for my education in my dream university. My education is stopped. And this case is going on for years and no one is doing anything. The process is very very slow. I don't understand my husband is allowed to work in usa after doing all these things but I am not allowed to study because of him. He is not interviewed or asked by anyone for abandoning me and running away. I have been suffering from past 2.8 years but no one helped. Now after much difficulty I have applied for the university and got admit. I am stopped from studying because he has abandoned me. Why is his company helping him with the visa when they know there is case on him for abandoning me in the railway station? No one is stopping him from working in usa but I am stopped from studying in usa because he abandoned me. Please kindly try to understand my situation. It will take many years till the case is cleared because he and his parents are trying to extend the case for their benefit. Please kindly help. If I take any permission like GPA for the case for my education. Will it help for the visa interview. Please kindly help! 

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Get an Indian Divorce/Family lawyer and sort this matter out. Is there any whiff of the number 498?

That is the first step.

Why did you not get admitted to the Fall semester as opposed to Spring? 

If you got admission to a reputed college, then by all means discuss your situation with the firm of Murthy in Chennai before arranging an Interview. If it is a no name college with doubtful antecedents, you will not get a visa in any case.

Stay away from the forum unless you intended to discuss your situation with the firm of Murthy and mistakenly thought the forum would do in which case touch base with them.

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On 8/21/2019 at 1:12 PM, Akhila Venkata said:

Yes 498a is issued on him for abandoning me. He and his parents planned all this. He ran away blindfolding Indian police for 3 years till now. 

Obviously, we are only seeing your side here.

I am sure his take would be quite different.

It always takes two to Tango, meaning both sides are likely equally at fault.

He said she said doesn't get you anywhere. File for divorce, stop the idiocy of 498a, and go on with your life.

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See you don't know anything what happened. If someone is in my place they will understand my pain.  My husband knows what he has done. I already called him and told him to sort out things many times. But there is no response. From 3 years these cases are going on. They are saying it may take more time. What should I do? Do you want me to stop my education for all this? Can't I put GPA for these cases and go for my education? 

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