H1b petition revoked by uscis


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As of now USCIS sent to revocation notice was sent.Already I came to India on Jul 14 2019 and whom to approach for further steps?

one of base MNC IND company ,they will retain my offer and I have i140 got approved.

I need to find for the new employer to file with new H1b with exampt.I was in USA before 4 years 8 months from Nov 2014 to Jun 2019.Cap Exampt option is applicable for me or not?

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9 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

I am not an expert but I feel since you have I140 approved any employer can file your H1B outside cap. I may be wrong. Please consult expert immigration lawyer or any good company who wants to do your H1B can advice you on this.

Anybody can suggest me any employer can file my H1b for outside cap?

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The old employer was did not informed for anything to USCIS and I have checked with our Murthy law people on last Wednesday ..they are saying that,you need to find the new employer to file for H1B new Cap Exampt with premium processing and to get this approved for your visa within 15 days from USCIS.

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Sure for your information Joe.Anyway,I have informed to new employer as well and told that for all my information from past experiences and also their immigration team and manager and VP is reviewing for all my documents and mails on yesterday and I am waiting for their reply. 

I have an two questions and please provide me answers from your end.

1.Damn sure,I will get the H1B approval notice thru Premium Processing or not?

2.If I140 revoked - what are the next steps and action plan?




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