URGENT! Advance Parole Stolen While Abroad

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I am married to a US citizen and we have an I-485 pending. I have also submitted an I-131 and there was a death in the family while I was waiting for my AP. I ended up getting an emergency AP that was valid for 30 days so I can attend the funeral. Unfortunately, my bag was stolen and it has my AP document in the day before my departure to the US and also 2 days before the emergency AP expires and it has expired on Monday.

I still have a pending I-131 and I am hoping for my husband to send it to me once he receives it. Will the pending I-131 be denied? If so, will by I-485 be denied, and what are my options if I want to reenter the US?

Thank you,

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"You were right, all we needed was a boarding foil for my wife. We called the American embassy and emailed them as well. We were able to get an appointment for the next day and the embassy issued my wife a boarding foil. We flew back to New York and at JFK airport my wife was asked to go to a back office where she was questioned by an officer. She explained her situation and they let her in with no problems.
My wife was NOT an LPR at the time. She applied for the Greencard but we were still waiting on receiving a reply. This is what I did: I called the American embassy (not the consulate) in Rome because we were in Italy. I told them that I am an American citizen and that my wife lost her employment card that would have allowed her back into the US. I also told them that she applied for the Green Card and that we were awaiting a reply. That's when they told us to stop by the next day and get the boarding foil."


The above is a quote from a person in a similar situation and your spouse should be able to communicate with the Embassy/Consulate.


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