VISA Stamping with I797 having FNU ?

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My old passport had a blank "Surname" field resulting in my US VISA, I797, SSN having FNU problem.

Recently i  renewed my passport and got the name split to have a part of my name added as Surname.

Now i have my new passport (with filled in Surname) and approved I797 with FNU.      I am planning to visit India and get VISA stamped.  Will this be a problem for my stamping,  to have my name in I797 with FNU and my updated name in passport ?   

I checked with my immigration team and they stated that it wont be a problem.    Has anyone gone through a similar scenario ?  

Again it was just a namesplit and not a total name change.

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Rohit - your name same in labor and  I140 ? becuasein labot and i140 will be LNU


My passport has Given Name as – Sreedhara Jogappa , Surname Name - blank

All my I-797 documents have First Name - No Given Name, Last Name – Sreedhara Jogappa

However, labor submitted with following name, First name – Sreedhara Jogappa, Last name - LNU.

I want to know will this cause me any problems going forward when I file for H1 extension,  I-485/Green Card

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