H1-B transfer with Consular Processing

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I am a recent grad of 2019 and soon to start my initial OPT.  I have a question about my H1-B petition it'd be of great help if you can please help me understand the below.

I was interning during my second year of Master's program with company A and they filed H1-B petition with consular notification for me and my case got picked. I am waiting for approval of the same. I am supposed to start working full time with company A in August. I would appreciate if you could help me understand more about the scenarios listed.

1. I need shift to NY to be with my spouse and I can get an offer to work for company B. Is there a way I could transfer my H1-B to new employer B without joining company A? If yes what are the steps? Can I do it without activating my H1-B as this is with consular notification?
2. Once my H1-B is approved, I am planning to activate my H1B at the end of my Post Completion OPT as it is with consular notification. So will this bind me to employer A if I want to retain my approved H1-B and not go to the lottery again incase I were to change my employer in these 3 years on OPT?
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