Filing fresh amendment instead of replying to the RFE of the first one

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Hello, I have a situation and I need advice.

I have H1B stamped till 10th October 2019 and I have filed for location change amendment in Feb 2019. I am currently working in the new location. In May 2019, I got RFE for the amendment and I have till 21st July 2019 to reply for that RFE.

Also, I have to file for H1B extension as the H1B is expiring on 10th October 2019.

Now, my employer is advising two options:

  1. Convert this amendment to premium while replying the RFE, because we need to file for H1B extension based on the approved amendment or else the H1B extension may have issues in getting approved.

  2. File for a fresh amendment plus extension together in premium and withdraw the already filed amendment (by not replying for RFE). So that extension and amendment will be approved together.

Can you please advise on what is best option from above or is there any other option I can go for.

Thank you.

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