Travel during RFE (stamping and other scenarios) - inputs needed

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I am in a peculiar situation and urgent inputs needed

I am currently working with Employer A (have valid i797 and need stamping if I travel) and I got job offer from Employer B. Employer B initiated my H1 transfer in premium processing couple of months back and it went to RFE.

I am still working with my current Employer A. However, i need to travel to India for about 3 weeks.

1) Can i travel during RFE (my travel cannot be avoided due to imp reasons)

2) if i travel, can I go for stamping with my Employer A while my transfer to Employer B is in RFE/pending?

3) If the transfer to Employer B gets approved when I am in India, will there be any issues/possible scenarios if i go for stamping? ( I assume this may be the right option for me if i travel and if it falls in place, let me know)

4) If my petition gets rejected when i am in India, can i go for stamping with Company A and come back and work with the older employer if it gets approved?

5) During my trip, if my transfer status is still in RFE, can i come back on the older petition (I will have to go for stamping and get the approval obvisouly for this) and then once the transfer gets approved, can I start working for employer B.

Please advise me on the best/worst case scenarios.


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Please donot post in many forums.

1. Yes

2. Yes but they might ask you questions regardinf RFE.

3. Nope. You can stamped on Employer A petition and you can come back to USA and later join Employer B. I would suggest to have port of entry as per your present Employer A.

4. Yes

5. Get stamped with A. Come back and if RFE success join B.

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