Received Receipt Notice for H1B FY20 petition


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Hi All,
I am new to the process and would appreciate if someone could answer my questions below:
I received an email today from my organization's para legal that the attorney who filed my H1B petition  under Cap subject FY 20  has received the receipt notice. Does that mean my petition was selected in FY-20 lottery?  The para legal mentioned that this means that my petition was selected in the lottery but just want to confirm. Also I have few questions below as this is my first time with H1B process:
1.  Can I ask my para legal to provide the receipt notice to me? I have read on the USCIS site that I can use the receipt number to track the progress of my petition. Just want to understand if it is my right to get the receipt number from my organization or I have to be careful asking for the same?
2. My petition was not filed under premium processing so what is the average duration after which I can expect to hear from USCIS regarding my approval? Also if I want to upgrade my petition to premium processing when does it start for FY20 peitions under general cap subject quota ?
3. Also I want to understand what is the take of USCIS on the H1B petition for empoyee's transfer within  the company. I mean currently I am the employee of the same company working offshore and the petition was filed so that I can move onshore and work from their. As there is a lot of scrutiny these days, is USCIS scanning the petitions where a employee is being deployed on a 3rd party site and consulting firms or it is the same for all? As in my case it is just a movement withing the company, can I assume will not be subjected to that much scrutiny ?
4. Are there any other next steps which I have to take other than waiting for premium processing window to open  for FY20.  And also does it impact the result of the petition if you apply for premium processing as compared to the normal waiting period? Can the premium processing go against the petitioner?
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