I-797B Validity


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I got picked in the H1B lottery in 2013 and I got my visa stamped in the same year. I havent traveled with that Visa .

Dates in I797B is as follows:

Receipt date: Apr 2013

Notice date :May 2013

Valid from :Oct 2013 to Sept 2014

Hope the non cap is valid for 6 years. From which date the 6 years calculated (Receipt date/Notice date/ Valid start date/Valid end date)? ie till within which date I can file my visa again?


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You should seek guidance from a Lawyer. The recent rules mandate that you work for the initial H1 sponsor at least once for you to be considered cap counted. If the original sponsor wants to file for you, you may be OK besides having got the Visa stamped. As regards the time frame, once cap counted and considered so there is no time limit as long as the rules do not change in the future.

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