H1b intend to revoke notice for my perivous employer


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Hi , my first h1b approved on oct 2017 and I started working from April 2018 . Due to some reasons , my project didn’t go well and my employer not able to continue the project . So, he finds a sub contracting opportunity for me and I started there to work in new location . Since vendors involved, it took some time for documentation for amendment . Meanwhile, field visit happen for my first location and since I am not working there , they requested some documents from my employer and he provided that . I changed my employer in March,  2019 and my transfer petition is in process. This week , my previous employer got the notice of intend to revoke. He sends withdrawal petition now  to uscis as I relieved from the company. My question is , is this affect my current h1 processing ? This is going through regular now . Please advise 

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