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Dear Audience,


I received an RFE on my H1B extension petition in premium process, requested my educational transcripts.  In RFE, USCIS requested bacholars and Masters degree yearly marks memos, provisional and original degree.  Since last 10 years in US on H1B, with educational supporting of "10th, Intermediate + 3 years polytechnic and 2 MBA in IT".   I also did evaluate my MBA IT in US , returned as equivalent to Bachelors degree.  With same credentials my GC I140 also approved (I used Murthy law firm to file my green card and my case still with Murthy law firm)


I did complete 10th, Intermediate, Polytechnic Diploma in computer science (3 years full time) and later MBA major in Information Technology.


I did my BCA (after Diploma while working) in distance, unfortunately University closed in 2005 before I opted my provisional and original degree.  I do have 3 years transcripts but do not have 3 years provisional and original degree to submit hence not showing anywhere in US immigration.  Now the university is again reopened in 2011 with new management.   I contacted university counselor and requested to issue provisional and original degree, they denied to issue any certificates saying we do not have any records prior to 2011 so we can not validate your marks sheets hence it is not possible for us to reissue your previous education marks memos.


My question is 10+Intermediate+3 years full time Diploma Computer Science+2 years MBA in IT, would help in supporting my RFE?

Should I need submit all 10th + Intermediate + 3 year polytechnic + 3 BCA marks memos + 2 MBA IT ?


Which one would help in my case & what is the probability and chance to approve my H1B extension.  Please kindly shed some lights on my situation and provide your valuable feedback as I need to respond in two weeks time.


Appreciate all your support!!!


Many Thanks.


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3 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

Are you planning to reply on yur own. Th employer's attorney who filed your H1B will respond. Why you take chance. Let them handle it...

Thanks for your response, appreciated. 


Indeed employeer do the response but is Diploma + MBA would suffies as education supportings or do I need bachalors degree compulsory?



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18 hours ago, Moral said:

Does 10th + Intermediate + Polytechnic Diploma in computer science (3 years full time) + MBA major in Information Technology, would suffices the H1B 15 years educations requirement?

Depends upon the position too. Nobody here can give you a magical answer. Your employer and their attorneys knows about your position and case details. If I were you I would work with them to respond to the RFE. Attorneys know what kind of evidence will be sufficient for your position and pertaining to any RFE USCIS has sent your employer.

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