H1 Rejected- need to travel back to India immediately


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I was just told today that my H1b transfer application rejected and i have to leave the country immediately.  My h1 with the previous employer(employer A) expired on Dec’2018. I filed H1 transfer with employer B Aug’2018 and it took almost year for them to process with RFE and they finally rejected today.   I want to go to india and get h4 stamping to come back to US. Question is Am I eligible for a drop box to convert from H1 to H4 or Do I have to go for a visa interview?


The below question from drop box eligibility is confusing. Not sure if it is taking about a refusal from a visa interview or the denial from USCIS ( like my h1b)

I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance”

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I dont think so you will eligible for dropbox.

Still there is nothing to worry to attend for the interview. just open and give the correct answers in interview. for h4 all they care about approved H1 and their status. I got my H4 last year in the same situation. But leave US asap.

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