Does Issued on visa status and '"Your passport is ready for pickup" mean its all good?


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Posting on behalf of wife.

My wife went to India and was eligible for dropbox at US Consulate in Kolkata.

I submitted documents on - 8th April

The DS-160 page status showed Application Received on - 9th April

The visa status updated from Administrative processing to Issued both on - 18th April

I checked the on 18th April and it says "Your passport is ready for pickup".

Also got email from ustraveldocs mentioning my passport is ready for pickup.

Since 19th Apr is Good Friday, its going to be holiday and I want to book my tickets back to US.

My question is does this mean that my visa is stamped, is there any possibility of 221(g) or any possibility like that?

I will keep you update on what happens on this.

Thanks appreciate your time for reading. 

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On 4/18/2019 at 11:54 AM, patrick_z said:

The visa status updated from Administrative processing to Issued both on - 18th April

That means the visa is issued and stamped on the passport. Why not wait and let the passport come to you or pick up the passport and see yourself.

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@gopalakrishnach Got the visa stamped on the new passport. The visa on old passport was cancelled with Cancelled Without Prejudice.  So finally its all good. 
Which means - 
“Cancelled Without Prejudice” is an embassy or consulate stamp of cancellation that indicates an administrative mistake in the visa. It sometimes indicates that there is a mistake in the visa or that the visa is a duplicate. It does not affect the validity of other visas in the passport and does not prejudice future visa applications. A “Cancelled Without Prejudice” stamp does not prevent the passport holder from getting another visa.

Thanks to this forum for help.

@xTDx yes it was holiday hence posted to know, since i was in unique position, I wanted to make travel plans as well. Thanks for reading though.

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