EB1C Unique scenario

Sundar V

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Hello Team,

I am on L1A and my i140 is approved. I can’t file EAD and 485 as the dates are not current. I completed 5 years in US and due to family medical situation, I had to goto India for an year. I will be with same employer by I may go for long leave for about 6-8 months in LOP (loss of pay leave) category.

1. Will my i140 approval still be valid?

2. Can I get my visa stamped in India after one year based on my i140? or Do I need to apply fresh L1A?

3. If I come on fresh L1A, can I file EAD and 485 based on my earlier i140? Will there be any issues as I went to india and came back?

I would be humbled with your support if you could help me as I am in trouble.Hearty thanks for all your help! 

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