H1B Extension and amendment from India


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I have just under 5 months left for valid H1B visa and i-94. But due to amendment some time back, my petition expires 3/31/19.

Unfortunately the amended petition could not be processed for extension and I have to travel back to India in 2 days.

Once I reach India, I am trying to understand if I can use my old petition, which is valid for 5 months, to

- File extension under premium processing and travel to US as soon as I receive Receipt Notice

Or - File amendment and extension and then wait to get the new visa stamped before travelling back to US?

Can someone tell me if first option would work for me? Do I have any other options to return US on H1?

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Thank you for the response. My company had the same response, that I will be able to travel back only after getting visa stamped. Also mentioned that average premium processing time could be around 3 months. 

Do you also think that timeline is close to 3 months or could be significantly more/less than that? My manager wants to have an idea when I will be able to travel back after filing of documents.

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