H4 EAD with Masters and PhD from UK is eligible to file Green Card

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2 hours ago, erca said:

Thanks JoeF. And is there a way / option to file Green Card without being the in the job who has a valid H4 EAD with Masters and PhD from UK?

Unlikely. The few categories that allow self-filing would require you to be in the top of your field, e.g., doing research (usually as university faculty or at a company) or having skills that are in the national interest of the US.

And it doesn't matter is the PhD is from the UK or India or China, it would matter what the research is.

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Why are you stressing this "from the UK"? The UK is just another country, not any different from Canada, Germany, France, India, Pakistan, China, etc. etc.

The actual research done matters, not the country where the PhD is from.

Whenever I hear somebody stressing the country of their degree I suspect that something is wrong. Maybe it is a fake degree from a diploma mill?

Care to tell us which university and which field the PhD is in?


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Thanks for inputs JoeF and pontevecchio.

The reason to mention UK is to certain that we have a legitimate and equivalent degree to US. I heard that US doesn't count all higher degrees from few countries, but this is not the case for me. So I am good. 🙂

PhD in Oral Cancer and Prevention and it is from University of Glasgow.

Please let me know if you have more information for me in this same regard.

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