B2 visa for parents rejected with 214 b

siva subbiah

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CO: Who is there in USA ?

Parent(Mom): My son in xx location

CO:  How much does he earn per month ?

Parent(Dad): xx USD

CO: what is your income ?

Parent(Dad) : Business,  I manage a  shop and my wife is the owner. My income is 3.5L

CO: How many ppl work under you ?

Parent(Dad) : 3 ppl

CO: Have you visited any other country ?

Parent(Dad) : No

CO : Thank you sir. Your visa is not approved and gave 214 B

Staff: Please talk to customer support staff 

Parents: Left the place with disappointment.


P.S -> submitted DS160 for Mom with Work as homemaker and Dad as Business

Confusion -> All the business funds flow through mom's account and filed under her IT returns. Dad acts as a manager who is paid for his work.

since CO asked for income of my dad he said 3.5L and not whole family income (Mom+Dad) or the business income. how to overcome this problem in the upcoming visa interview. Even though they took all the docs they didn't show as it was not asked. 

    Did a mistake of applying for visa with me(son) as the sponser.


Thanks in advance. would much appreciate the help 


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Sigh. There is no sponsorship for visitor visas, as has been stayed here lots of times. You paying for the trip isn't sponsorship.

The officer obviously wasn't convinced of the ties to the home country.

It also helps if they would travel to some other location and return back home. Actions speak louder than words.

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Nobody here can tell you for sure about what happened . The bar for rejection in visitor visas is pretty pretty low. Your parents answers and situation didn't convince the consulate about their home ties and them coming  back to home after a visit. What exact was the reason ? No one tell for sure.

One thing I can think of is that your parents do not need to be there to get the business working so they may not have any reason to come back. This may not be true but thats how consulate officers make a decision.


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