H1B transfer with Base valid petition and current location extension in progress


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Hi friends,

I had approved  petition for Client A valid till Aug-2020 with i94 attached.

 I applied amendment for client B staying in India and got petiton validity reduced till Feb-2019. with no i94 attached.

I went for stamping and came to USA  for client B and got i94 till Aug-2020 based on previous petition . 

I am with client B and my extension is in progress as my amendment petition validity was till Feb-2019.

1. Can someone confirm if I can apply transfer based on i94 validity(Aug-2020)  and  petition with client A which have validity till Aug-2020.

2. Did my amendment petition overide my base petition ?

3. Do I have to wait for extension to be approved for client B inorder to apply for transfer ?

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