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I'm planning to change my name during the naturalization interview (it's around the second week of april). I did not indicate my intention to change the name during the application submission process. My questions are:

1. Can I change the name through a court before the naturalization interview and use the court order to get the naturalization certificate in my new name? If yes, will this allow me to not wait for an oath ceremony to be handled by a court? Has anyone done this in the past? How long does it take to get the court order?

2. Or, do I have to change it only during the interview?

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Too late to change names through a court if the ceremony is in April. Moreover the ceremony needs to be a judicial one and not one conducted by an Authorized USCIS staff Member. Most ceremonies are not judicial. It would seem that if you had indicated a name change while applying, they may have changed the venue to a judicial one.

"" If you do not manage to change your name before or at the time you are naturalized, once you are sworn in you have the same range of legal options to change your name as are available to other U.S. citizens. State procedures vary, but most involve filling out a petition for a name change, paying a filing fee, giving some type of public notice like publication and attending a hearing. You are responsible for notifying the USCIS of your new name so it can issue a new Certificate of Citizenship.""

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