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I am a Master's Student, on a F1 Visa, at the U of M, Ann arbor and I recently received a Co-Op (7 month Internship)offer over the Summer/Fall term 2019 , in a company in New York.

I am currently in my 2nd semester, and can finish my course my Dec 2019. To get full time CPT for this Co-Op, I am required to be registered in the Fall term at my university, taking up at least some minimum credits and courses.

I was hoping to seek some answers regarding the following doubts,

1.I wanted to know, if it is mandatory to be physically present on campus for the courses you are taking to be maintain F-1 while doing the Co-Op? 

2. Is taking up courses such as Independent study, where you can report to your advisor remotely, accepted as the course requirement?

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5 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

One wonders as to the antecedents of that reply . Are we being trolled over a sustained period of time?

It is quite obvious that Noah Lott is not familiar with universities in the US. UMich, Ann Arbor (nobody really calls it U of M) is, last I looked, #27 on the USA Today list of top national universities. Maybe he needs to go to a UMich football game, best against Ohio State 😉 (a former boss, who went to Ohio State, mentioned to me that he would pay for his daughter's college education no matter where she would go, except UMich Ann Arbor; the rivalry is that strong...)

In fact, one of my personal friends was, as an undergrad at UMich, Ann Arbor, room mate with a certain Larry Page, who later, as a graduate student at Stanford, launched Google with his fellow Stanford graduate student Sergey Brin, who immigrated to the US as a child with his family from the Soviet Union ... Immigrants are good for the US.

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CPT is not designed so that students can simply work if they want to. Since F1 students don't have the authority to work off-campus, CPT is there to facilitate those who are in programs that have a mandatory practical training (internship) as part of their curriculum. In those cases it will be a class that you register and receive credits for, and you will still be enrolled and full-time. You can't simply apply for a internship whether it's relevant to your course or not , you would be working illegally. 

If you're in a state of severe financial distress and need to supplement your income, there is also a provision for that,   which you would apply for through your DSO. Your DSO has this information, you should always speak to them before you attempt to do anything questionable because you could easily put yourself out-of-status this way. 

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To be fair to Noah, the OP was somewhat vague, stating only U of M, Ann Arbor. Everyone thereafter assumes it is university of michigan, ann arbor. The vagueness, along with OP's interest in a CPT, was ripe for anyone to construe the school was something along the lines of a visa mill. And of course like a majority of threads on this forum, the original poster disappears after one post. 

Noah's other posts have been spot on. 

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