What happens after I-130 approval?

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I had filed I-130 for my spouse(who is in US on H1B) in Jan. 2018 when I was permanent resident. 
Later, while I-130 petition was pending, I became US citizen. Then, I sent an update to my I-130 petition to update that I am now US citizen. 
At the same time, my spouse filed for I-485, since she has been in US on H1B. 
After that, I received my I-130 approval in October 2018 and she also got fingerprints done in October 2018. 
I-130 approval letter stated that USCIS will send the petition to NVC(National Visa Center). Since, then we are still waiting to hear from USCIS about I-485 and also haven't heard anything from NVC. 

Anyone knows what is the role of NVC if my spouse is already in US and also applied for I-485? 
Anyone has any suggestions? 


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