Green card holder never reported current or past addresses, does this have impact on naturalization?


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Hello All, 

I got married to a US citizen in 2011 in Bangladesh. After that I moved to the US in 2015, my then husband applied for my GC and I was issued a GC with a 10 year validity. We got separated early last year and after that I've lived at two different addresses but never filed the AR-11 form. I'm considering applying for naturalization next year and wanted to know if failure to file a AR-11 would have any negative effect on my application. Also, is there a way to fix this? Has anyone had similar experiences? 

I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions. 

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You're liable to be questioned on your failure to file ar11 when you were required to, not once but twice. A penalty is not something that's always enforced, but it is your responsibility as an immigrant to follow US laws! Have you updated USCIS on your current residence? If you haven't, you need to do so ASAP. 

Are you planning to file for naturalization under the 3-yr or 5-yr rule? 

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