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 My current immigration status in the United States is as a F-1 student visa holder. I am on my 12-month post-completion OPT period, which is going to expire in March. I submitted my application for the 24-month STEM extension a couple of weeks ago, but just a few days I got all my documents back in the mail because I forgot to sign one of the forms, so they are allowing me to make the corrections and submit everything again. However, while all of this was happening I got a new job offer from another employer, which I am eager to work for as it is better for my long-term career goals. My question is: If I start a new 24-month OPT STEM application all over again listing this potential new employer, would that hurt my chances of my extension getting approved, considering they send my previous application back for correction with my current employer listed on it? I was trying to find a USCIS customer service contact number but I could not find one. I don't know what to do or how to proceed. If whether or not to stay with my current employer and playing it safe, while forgetting about this new opportunity or submitting the new application

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