NOIR Email received on approved visa while extension petition is in progress


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My h1b was approved last year and I got the approval notice and email confirmation from USCIS officer for the same as well. Then I changed my job my employer filed client Amendment along with extension under regualr processing as there is no premium processing right now and then after that, exactly on 30th day, I see the status changed on the already Approved Receipt Case (Not the Amendment Petition Receipt) to "Intent to Revoke Notice was mailed". I am still waiting on the hard copy of the receipt to reach my employer.

1. Why would they changed status on Already approved petition? Nothing has changed on extension-amendment petition and still says Case received.
2. Is it a chance of technical glitch with USCIS that the status is Intent to revoke on approved petition while amendment is processed.
3. Does USCIS wants to buy some more time to process the case and have sent Intent to Revoke Notice now that they cannot issue RFE on approved petition.Have anyone seen such cases before?
4. Will it also effect my existing H1b extension petition?

My guess for receiving notice is 

they might have recently made a site visit to my previous location. But I have already filed a amendment for the client change as soon as i changed it along with extension petition which is in received status from past one month. I dont know how much serious of an issue is this.

Kindly help me out this weird case. Appreciate your valuable inputs!!!

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