L2 Visa and I94 is Valid till 2021 but PED shows expired on visa

Sairam Ganavaram

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Detailed Scenario:
My L2 visa is expiring on Jan 7th, 2021 but petition end date ( PED ) is Jan 2019 which is already expired but I'm holding an i94 till 2021. 
I have attached L1 and L2 Visa copies and i94 along with a quick note to give a better understanding! 
L1  visa exp: 9th April 2022

L1 PED exp: 6th Oct 2019

L1 I94 Exp: 10/15/2021 

L2 visa exp: 7th Jan 2021

"L2 PED exp: 7th Jan 2019"

L2 I94 Exp: 10/15/2021

Actually, I am planning to cruise to the Bahamas next month as I'm holding a valid stamped visa and i94 even though PED shows expired. Also, My Spouse L1 is holding a valid approved Petition ( Form 129S ) till Oct 6th 2019.   However, I am unable to take a decision so thought of checking,
is it safe to travel to the Bahamas and return to USA?
Also i heard new i94 will not be issued when return to USA from Bahamas Cruise which is a good thing as my ( l2 ) i94 is till 2021.
Please let me know if need any other information needed.   
I look forward to your valuable responses.   Thank you in advance!


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