Need inputs to overcome i214b for B2 visa for retired parents


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My parents undergone interview on Feb 2019 and received 214b law. I was shown as sponsor in DS160.
Parent's visa experience.

VO: Purpose of visit
Dad: Tourism and visit son and daughter-in-law . (At this moment, VO was bit confused..probably daughter-in-law's name was not preset on DS160)

VO: which places you are going to visit?
Dad: Chicago, Naigara Falls, Smoky Mountain

VO: What do you do?
Dad: Retired

VO: What was your job description before retirement
Dad: Shop Supervisor in manufacturing and leading quality/paint department

VO: Son's phone number
Dad: Answered

VO: Your visa is rejected and handed over i214b letter

I believe VO thought parents will not return , as they are retired.  It is unfortunately unfair system which is designed to overcome fake candidates but even fair candidate becomes victim.

I have read quite a few forums. Would need advise before I apply next time. 

Few Questions where visitors this forum can help:

1. I read unless your situation change, we should not reapply for visa to overturn last decision.
a. If parents apply through Travel agency like Thomas cook or some other tourist companies, do they still get B2 Visa. And if approved, do they must travel with Travel agency or they can still come directly?
b. My grandma staying with parents and have married sister, which was not discussed in last interview. In which question,  we should highlight this in interview/DS160, so that we can prove strong India ties?
c. If parents gets Canada visa or if they travel to any near by country like Dubai, will it help in reapplying?
d. Should parents apply visa separately and try getting visa?


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The visa process can seem a bit unfair at times, but blame those from your country who don't return home after entering the US on a b2 visa. COs can't read minds; the so-called fake candidates make it real hard for genuine applicants. 

The parents should wait until next year to reapply. And stay away from agents, many of whom tend to promise the moon when in fact they can't influence a b2 adjudication one iota. The b2 process is fairly straightforward for anyone with a command of basic english. 

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