H1B 240 days Rule H1 and H4


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I need your help for below questions. It will be highly appreciated if you answer these questions
1.  My I 94 + 240 days are expiring on 04th march. I will not work but Can I stay after 240 days in USA till I will get approval on loss of pay
2.  My Current  I-797 Petition is expired on 26th June 2018. But At port of entry officer gave me 10 days extra... I94 till 07 July 2018. Should I 
     consider 240 days from I94 date (07th July) or Visa expiry date  (26th June)
3.  However My Wife and kids travelled USA later hence they got I94 till visa expiry date (26th June). Should They stay with me till 04th March or they need to go back as per their I94 + 240 days (26th Feb)
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